Eco-Friendly Initiatives

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Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Turning 50 this year, World Earth Day, a campaign that started in 1970, celebrates the birth of the environmental movement.

It began in the U.S. after an estimated 20 million protesters took to the streets of America, urging the government to start taking action towards environmental protection. The rest of the world and the U.S. listened and began to set up policies to help protect our earth, which after all is our home.

World Earth Day is a mixture of celebrations and activists around the world raising awareness for pressing issues like climate change, species extinction, deforestation, rising sea levels, and additional highly critical environmental matters.

We know our customers are concerned with environmental issues and so are we. So in order to celebrate World Earth Day and spread awareness of how we need to look after our planet better, we thought we’d share with you all our eco-friendly initiatives.

  1. Plastic isn’t Fantastic!
    In March 2018, we banned all plastic straws from our pub and replaced them with 100% recyclable paper straws, upon request at the bar. Whilst it might have been a small act, it was a step in the right direction.
  2. Brakspear in Bloom
    Wherever possible, we’re trying to plant flowers, encourage nature to grow, and generally look after what we have. From tubs and hanging baskets to grassy lawns and patios, if we’ve got the space, we’ll put something in place.
  3. Friends of the Earth Bee Campaign
    Over the years, Brakspear has raised over £5000 for Friends of the Earth. In 2019, for every pint of our Honey Bee golden pale ale sold, we put 10p to the charity. We’ve always been sentimental amount the bumblebee, and therefore have been a top priority, after all the bee is part of Brakspear.
  4. 40 Bee Hotels
    Recently we installed a ‘bee hotel’ in every garden of Brakspear pub gardens. Bee hotels encourage solitary bees, who are extremely effective pollinators – one solitary bee does as much pollinating as 120 honey bees. Pop in one day to see for yourself!
  5. Ending Food Waste
    To help end and reducing food waste, we teamed up with Toast Ale to brew an ale from surplus bread in September 2018. For every pint sold, 30p was donated to Toast and Feedback, the charity campaigning to end food waste.
  6. Pub Trails!
    To encourage everyone to walk more, we collaborated with TOE2 and created multiple trails from different Brakspear pubs. Fresh air, country strolls, and getting the blood pumping helps us all appreciate the world we live in – it’s a jolly good way to get passionate about the wellbeing of our earth.

“Protecting our bees, and other threatened species, is a cause that’s close to our hearts at Brakspear; our logo features a bee and many of our pubs have beautiful gardens that rely on bees to keep them colorful and fragrant, year after year. “ Tom Davies, Chief Executive of Brakspear.

In the upcoming years, we’ll be doing everything we can to look after the land we live, work and drink beer on! The earth is home to so many incredible species and we must be responsible to look after the ground we walk upon.

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